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Spot Termites in Your Home Before It’s Too Late!

Highly destructive and virtually imperceptible, termites are the bane of any homeowner. Just like a cancer, they spread throughout your home, silently wreaking havoc, and are often only discovered after it’s too late. Well, J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc. is here to provide a few early warning signs. If you suspect that termites have invaded […]

DIY Pest Control Tips

Not all pest problems are hopeless. Sometimes a small change in your living habits or a quick fix can rid your home of insects for good. J.P. McHale is here to provide you with a few do it yourself pest control tips to try out before calling in the big guns. Also, make sure to […]

Pest Prevention Tips

Pests are an unpleasant and unwelcome occurrence in any home. However, a dirty, cluttered living or cooking space can be viewed as an invitation to bugs to take up residence. That’s right, your daily habits and the general cleanliness of your home play a large role in attracting or deterring pest infestations. If you’d like […]

The Critical Nature of Honeybees

It might sound overly dramatic, but honeybees are vital to the survival of our ecosystem, if not our planet. They are responsible for cross-pollinating over 80% of the food crops harvested in the US, as well as the majority of flowers, and the products of their labor supply us with medicinal foods like honey, propolis […]

Spring is Stink Bug Season

Spring has sprung –– and so have the stink bugs. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner with your family, or taking a seat outside on your patio, and seeing several stink bugs scuttling around your home. While the invasive insects won’t hurt you, they’re considered to be a nuisance because of their defense […]

Fairfield Bed Bugs Are About to Meet Their Match

Here’s the situation: You’ve just discovered bed bugs in your Fairfield, CT home. Maybe they’ve been there for weeks. Or perhaps they followed you home from your most recent business trip. You’re frustrated, concerned and possibly anxious. What do you do? Call J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc. at (800) 479-2284 and let our professional bed […]

Westchester, NY Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are irritating and gross. On that point, everyone agrees. Fortunately, they have not been recorded to transmit diseases, and while they’re not considered to be a public health risk, bed bugs can still affect your mental health and well-being. Impact of Bed Bugs on Your Health If you have experienced or are currently […]

Do Termites Cause Property Damage?

Can these nearly invisible pests really do damage to your property? The answer is yes — and if not caught in time, they can end up doing extensive damage to a structure’s foundation. Dr. Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), is here to tell you how such small creatures can […]

Are You Happy With the Service You Received? Leave Us a Review!

At J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc., we make it our goal to deliver the best customer service available. Our highly-trained technicians put forth the best possible effort in every pest control job we complete. If you are happy with the pest control services you’ve received, let us know! Leave Us a Review On Our Google+ […]