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Prevent Wasps from Nesting In Your Trees, Plants & Homes

Wasps aren’t just annoying buzzers –– their stings (to which some people are allergic) can be quite painful, as well. What’s more, there are likely many places around your home that are well suited for wasp nests. Wasps create their living space out of a paper-like material that can quickly be expanded upon, especially if a […]

Why the Weather May Be to Blame for Disease Levels

It’s no secret that the weather levels across the United States have been extreme this past winter and spring. From snow in the Northeast to extensive droughts in the West, trying to keep up with weather patterns almost requires a scorecard. Humans, however, aren’t the only ones who have been impacted by the arid and […]

Not Just “Sweet Meat”: Possible Genetic Link to Mosquito Bites

If you’re a mosquito magnet, you understand the metaphorical and literal pain of trying to enjoy a warm afternoon, only to become a veritable buffet for the blood-sucking insects. You may have even noticed, if you’ve been outside in a group, that some people may be getting bit more than others. So what gives? It […]

Humans Aren’t the Only Thing Emerging After a Cold Winter

Welcome to summer months –– the time when you can get outside, enjoy a cold beverage on your porch, visit the pool, stay active outside, and fight the good fight against mosquitoes. While you were inside, trying to stay warm through an exceptionally cold winter, the conditions were being set for bug populations to explode […]