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Not Just “Sweet Meat”: Possible Genetic Link to Mosquito Bites

If you’re a mosquito magnet, you understand the metaphorical and literal pain of trying to enjoy a warm afternoon, only to become a veritable buffet for the blood-sucking insects. You may have even noticed, if you’ve been outside in a group, that some people may be getting bit more than others. So what gives? It […]

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Humans Aren’t the Only Thing Emerging After a Cold Winter

Welcome to summer months –– the time when you can get outside, enjoy a cold beverage on your porch, visit the pool, stay active outside, and fight the good fight against mosquitoes. While you were inside, trying to stay warm through an exceptionally cold winter, the conditions were being set for bug populations to explode […]

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Home Maintenance Budgets: Include Pest Control & Termite Treatment

Money is something a lot of people don’t like to talk about, and budgets aren’t far behind. It’s never fun to open your wallet for a project that you really don’t want to work on, regardless of how important (and there’s a direct correlation between importance and expense) it is. Because of the potential expense, […]

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Protect Your Family from the Tick-Borne Powassan Virus in Southern Connecticut

Springtime is finally here! Warmer weather means more outdoor activities liking hunting and hiking. Unfortunately, it also means greater risk of mosquito and tick bites. With the news of an emerging tick-borne disease, called the Powassan virus, showing up in Bridgeport and Branford, CT, residents of Southern Connecticut have been advised to protect themselves with […]

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DIY Pest Control Tips

Not all pest problems are hopeless. Sometimes a small change in your living habits or a quick fix can rid your home of insects for good. JP McHale is here to provide you with a few do it yourself pest control tips to try out before calling in the big guns. Also, make sure to […]

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Pest Prevention Tips

Pests are an unpleasant and unwelcome occurrence in any home. However, a dirty, cluttered living or cooking space can be viewed as an invitation to bugs to take up residence. That’s right, your daily habits and the general cleanliness of your home play a large role in attracting or deterring pest infestations. If you’d like […]

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