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Warning About a New Tick Virus Found in Connecticut

Doctors Issues a Warning About a New Tick Virus Found in Connecticut Last updated April 12, 2017 on the internet Connecticut is one of the top 10 states in the country for flea activity. Ticks found in this state are said to carry not only lyme disease but a number of other diseases as well. […]

Lyme, Mice, and Why 2017 May Be a Bad Year For the Disease

As anyone who lives in certain areas of the US can tell you, Lyme disease is a particularly big problem every summer. Lyme is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks, and it can affect different parts of the body in different and significant ways; the symptoms can vary widely from one patient to the next. […]

Lyme Disease: Cooler weather is when ticks thrive

When the weather changes from one warm to cold, the Zika virus is no longer the biggest concern. Since mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of this disease, and they will die out as the warm weather passes through, people can begin to relax and breathe more freely. On the other hand, as one threat […]

Woman receives hundreds of bedbug bites at Bahamas’ Atlantis

‘Living hell’: Woman receives hundreds of bedbug bites at Bahamas’ Atlantis A Florida woman acquired more than just a tan from the luxe Atlantis Paradise Resort within the Bahamas. Cindi Avila has taken legal action after she woke up at the resort during a January 2016 trip to discover she was covered in bedbugs. Hundreds […]

Congratulations! JP McHale is a certified Westchester Green Business!

Climate change is a threat today like no other. For any company, the challenge is to go green. The challenge is to use the latest methods to help give the best results to customers without increasing the carbon footprint. For a pest control company, we do everything from bed bugs elimination to termite elimination. The […]

Zika Virus In Westchester NY

The Zika virus made its way to Westchester, officials said. The Lower Hudson Valley’s latest Zika case was reported after a man traveled outside the United States and returned with the virus, Caren Halbfinger, spokeswoman for the Westchester County Department of Health, said Thursday. It is the first confirmed case in Westchester, she said. Halbfinger […]

Congress Recesses Without Acting on Zika Bill

After months of negotiation and national calls to action, Congress will not provide any money to fight the spread of Zika in the United States this summer. The final chance this summer to fund the White House’s February request evaporated in the form of a failed Thursday vote in the Senate. Congress will not provide […]

Deer Ticks & Lyme disease

Tick Genome Reveals Inner Workings of Versatile Blood-Guzzler An international team of scientists led by Purdue University has sequenced the genome of the tick that transmits Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne illness in North America. February 9, 2016 Public Health Pests WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – An international team of scientists led by Purdue University […]

Bed Bugs in NYC’s Hotels up 44%

Reports of Bed Bugs in NYC’s Hotels up 44%, Survey Shows According to the Bedbug Registry, a database that records bed bug-related complaints and sightings, bed bugs have been seen (or felt) in 176 of the 272 hotels that are members of the Hotel Association of New York City. February 12, 2016 Reports of bed […]