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Paper wasp

Common NY, NJ & CT Types of Wasps

Wasps on a nestDid you know that wasps benefit the environment by serving as organic pest control for crops, gardens and plants? Did you also know that there are a handful of different wasp types that are found in NY, NJ & CT?

One difference in wasps is that some are social and some are solitary wasps. Social wasps have large communities, some in the thousands. In contrast, solitary wasp types live in much smaller numbers.

Here are some of the kinds of wasps that you might see buzzing around your yard:

Yellow Jackets

  • Size: ½”
  • Type: Social wasp
  • Population: 5,000 per nest
  • Appearance: Smaller, quicker and brighter than honeybees
  • Nests: Holes in the ground or in walls or attics (marked by a growing wet spot in the ceiling)


  • Size: Up to 2”
  • Type: Social wasp
  • Population: 700 per nest
  • Appearance: Black face; longer and thicker than yellow jackets
  • Nests: Ball-shaped nests in attics, walls, bushes and tree branches

Paper Wasps

  • Size: ¾-1 ½” long
  • Type: Social wasp
  • Population: 5-30 per nest
  • Appearance: Long with yellow and brown or black stripes
  • Nests: Made of honeycomb-shaped, paper-like material found under eaves, as well as in attics and trees

Mud Wasps and Mud Daubers

  • Size: ½-1” long
  • Type: Solitary wasp
  • Population: 3-20 per nest
  • Appearance: Long with yellow and brown or black stripes
  • Nests: Hard, flat tube-shaped nests made of mud or clay

Let JP McHale Rid Your NY, NJ or CT Home of Wasps

The next time you see a wasp, take a closer look to see if you can recognize which one it is…but don’t get too close. Instead, call JP McHale! We offer an expertise in pest control and wasp extermination in NY, NJ and CT and can help keep stinging insects off your property and away from your family.