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Five Things You Might Not Know About Bees

Bee Treatment in NY, NJ & CTIt’s no secret that the honeybee population over the last several years has been declining at an alarming rate. Bees pollinate more than three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants, including apples, watermelons, beans and almonds. To inform individuals about these important insects, JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. is here to tell you five things you might not know about bees.

  1. Bees survive the winter by shivering. Instead of hibernating like some animals, bees huddle together and shiver, which produces an enormous amount of heat and keeps them alive during the winter.
  2. Honeybees can distinguish human faces. Researchers in Australia recently showed honeybees black-and-white pictures and gave them treats when they were able to distinguish different human faces.
  3. Bees kill more people per year than sharks and alligators combined. On average, sharks and alligators combined don’t even kill one person a year, while Africanized honeybees kill up to three people per year. They are very smart and determined — in fact, they are willing to chase you for more than a quarter mile, according to the History Channel.
  4. Honey never spoils. That fact right there just saved you a little money everytime you go grocery shopping!
  5. One queen reigns all. When a queen is newly hatched, she immediately kills all other hatched and unhatched queens in the hive. There is only room enough for one queen in this hive.

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