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Identifying the Rodent Infesting Your NY, NJ or CT Home

iStock_000002353396XSmallHow can you tell what kind of rodent is infesting your NY, NJ or CT home? With so many different kinds of mice and rats out there, sometimes it is hard to know. At JP McHale Pest Management, Inc., we decided to break down the four most common rodents in the Northeast:

  • Deer Mice. Deer mice are usually found in rural areas and rarely invade residential properties. They are a health concern because they are known to carry the Hantavirus.
  • House Mice. As the most common rodent pest, house mice can breed rapidly and quickly adapt to changing conditions. They breed so quickly, in fact, that a female house mouse can give birth up to 35 young every year. These mice are threats because they can cause allergies in children and bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into a home.
  • Roof Rats. These types of rats are most commonly found on upper parts of buildings. Roof rats have been known to carry fleas and they are associated with the bubonic plague.
  • Norway Rats. Norway rats are very stealthy and can enter a structure through openings larger than 1/2 inch. They are dangerous because they can cause damage to your property and are carriers of diseases like the plague and Salmonella.

DIY Rodent Control Services For Your Home

Rodents are invasive pests and they can be difficult to control and keep off your property. Mice can squeeze through dime-size spaces and rats can fit through quarter-size spaces. However, there are a number of steps you can take to try to reduce the chance of a rodent infestation in your home:

  • Seal cracks and voids in your home
  • Make sure you have proper drainage in your home’s foundation
  • Install gutters which will channel water away from your building

If you have identified any of the above rodents to be the perpetrator in your home, contact JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. We would be happy to provide you with premier rodent control services so you can have a rodent-free property.