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Bindweed, which has been also called creeping jenny and wild morning glory, is a weed that has a very extensive root system. The roots are cord like and white. It has a vining growth habit, which gives it the characteristic of growing up and around fences or other plants. The leaves are arrowhead shaped. In the summer, its flowers bloom. The flowers are colored either white or pink, and bear a resemblance to the morning glory, hence it’s nickname, wild morning glory. Bindweed spreads from seeds or the expansion of its very extensive root system.

What makes bindweed such a difficult crop to handle is it’s root system. It goes so deep that bindweed often competes with with other crops for water and nutrients in the soil. When it’s vines grow over plants, it takes away crucial light and nutrients from the plant. It can reduce yields from crops up to 50-60 percent. Also, if ones land was to be infested with certain types of bindweed, it is very possible for the property value to decrease in value. After bindweed ruins ones garden, it is possible to pull out the bindweed, however, the next year it will just come back and do the same thing.

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