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The small plant, which appears annually, is a common weed found in the Northern Hemisphere. Most know the Clover to appear as a “shamrock”, which is a young version of the clover. The Clover appears most commonly green. It’s stem hold 3 leaves, however, it could hold up to 4, 5 or even 6 leaves. A 4 leaf clover is considered lucky, and the most leaves ever recorded on a clover is 21. There are different types of clovers as well. They can appear white or pink as the Dutch Clover, or even in a purple shade. Clover seeds are found commonly in soil, and because it can thrive in mostly any condition, it usually thrives when it grows.

The Clover is a staple crop for soiling. It grows freely and abundantly and comes back after repeat mowing. Livestock love to eat clovers, as it is high in protein. Clovers also grow in a great ranger of different types of soils and climates. Also, bees regularly pollinate clovers. Clovers thus brings a significant number of bees to ones lawn. Also, despite the look of Clovers, they grow in patches, and gives ones lawn an uneven look. The color is also a darker shade of green than grass, thus making it look out of place. If the grass is not growing in well, the Clover will grow, and you lawn will have more clovers than it does grass.

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