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Poison Hemlock

This weed has also been known as poison parsley, can grow upwards of 6-10 feet. Every part of this plant is poisonous. The leaves of the plant are very similar to parsnips and carrots. This can be very dangerous. If they are ingested, it can kill you. The stem is long, smooth, hollow and has purple spots on it. It’s leaves have a fern like quality to them. The flowers are white and bloom in June and July. Also, the poison hemlock has a very foul odor that emits from it. One could smell it if they are near the weed or if a leaf is crushed. It is often found on poorly drained soils. It is possible to find the plant near streams or surface water of some sort. It also appears on roadsides, the edges of fields and many areas where waste is disposed of.

Poison Hemlock is at its height during the spring, where the weather can get damp. The only way for this weed to reproduce is by seeds. The seeds are carried multiple ways, by humans, plows, or just be dropping into the soil and regenerating. It is important to reiterate that this weed is poisonous. Every part of it, from the carrot like leaves, to the stem are extremely poisonous. If one were to eat any part by accident, it is very likely they could die from it.

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