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Interactive Map Points to All Rat Sightings in NYC

Everyone knows that New York City is flooded with rats, but have you ever wondered what neighborhoods in New York house the most rats? In this recent article by The Verge, a new interactive map has been created to track and show rat hotspots in the city.

How does this map work? It is formed of 311 data collected on a daily basis to display the latest 10,000 rat sightings that have been called in to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It first identifies hotspots that house the most rats and then tracks rats back to their burrows in road medians, sewers and parks. If any neighborhoods are found with chronic rat problems, DEP inspectors will visit the neighborhoods, seal up the rat burrows and exterminate as many rats as possible, while working with the infested neighborhood to design better waste management tactics. This will help get rid of the rat’s food supply.

Why It’s Important to Get Rid of Rats Surrounding Your Property

Not only are rats unsanitary and unsettling, but they can bring with them a host of problems to your home and family, including:

● Disease. Rats can often carry bacteria and diseases that are harmful to both animals and people.
● Damage to your roofing. Rats have been known to chew through roofing, which can cause rain and other rodents to get into your home.
● Damage to your garden and lawn. Getting rodents out of your house is not enough, as they may turn to eating your seedlings and yard.
● Damage to your thermal insulation. When rats gnaw through electrical and thermal insulation, it can cause your utility bills to rise and your home to be less comfortable.
● Damage to your existing food. Because rats feed 15-25 times a day, they will scavenge through as much food as possible and ruin it in the process.

If you suspect your home has been overtaken by rats, don’t hesitate to contact JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. today at (800) 479-2284. Our New York rat control professionals would be happy to give you a free estimate on our services.