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Information On Sowbugs & How They Can Affect Your NY, NJ or CT Property


5/8″ long and gray to dark gray in color. They appear in the shape of a capsule or oval. They have two antennae and have many sections on their body. When disturbed, they will contract into a ball shape.


They are moisture driven pests, hiding under rocks, slates and other objects during the day. If activity is found in a home, there is a large population nearby.

How do they affect me?

They are mainly a nuisance pest, but sometimes they feed off plant material.

What should I do?

Sowbugs are a moisture-driven pest. If you remove any possible moist harborages around your home like rocks, grass clippings and woodpiles, the problem should cease. Sowbugs are a pest covered under our Home Pest Prevention program.

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