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Pesticide Use Made One Delaware Family Ill

At JP McHale Pest Management, Inc., we make it a top priority to always use environmentally friendly and safe pest control measures when exterminating pests in homes across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. However, not all pest control companies make this a No. 1 priority, and one family had to find that out the hard way.

According to a recent article in the New York Daily News, it is thought that pesticide use in a St. John villa made one Delaware family extremely ill while they were on vacation. The whole family was hospitalized, and only the wife has since been released. The husband and their two sons are still in the hospital with the two sons remaining unresponsive. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced recently that they found a toxic pesticide, known as methyl bromide, in the family’s rental villa. This substance is not permitted to be used in any residential properties.

The Effects of Toxic Pesticides on Our Health

Methyl bromide, the toxic pesticide that was found in the family’s rental villa, can cause central nervous and respiratory damage, which is most likely what caused the family to fall ill while on vacation.

Pesticides can be toxic and affect our health in a dangerous way, which is why it is so important to make sure that they are used responsibly and approved by the EPA before use.

If you are dealing with a pest issue in NY, NJ or CT, contact JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. today at (800) 479-2284. You can count on us to only use EPA-approved pest control methods to get rid of the insects or rodents infesting your property.