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Insect & Rodent Extermination Services in New York

We’re proud to offer a variety of services to residential and commercial clients, including property managers, business executives and homeowners throughout New York. J.P. McHale Pest Management Inc. is conveniently stationed in Buchanan, New York, a town in Westchester County. So whether you’re a Rockland County homeowner struggling with a rat problem or a Manhattan hotel manager trying to rid your property of bed bugs, our pest control company has a solution for you.

J.P. McHale Pest Management Inc. — New York’s Premier Pest Control Company

Pest control in New York is a complex procedure due to the nature of New York state law. Many products and treatment methods used in other states are prohibited for use in New York. For example, termite treatment is tricky because of the NYDEC regulations. Drilling and treating cinder blocks is illegal as well.

When regulations hold you back, count on a New York pest control company with more than 30 years of experience to manage all of your pest problems in an environmentally-friendly and legal fashion — contact J.P. McHale Pest Management Inc.

At J.P. McHale Pest Management Inc., we offer pest control services, including termite mitigation, tick control, rodent exclusion, bed bug elimination, cockroach elimination and more to:

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to make sure that your family stays healthy and that your New York home remains pest free. So whether you’re dealing with a one-time infestation or a recurring problem, we’re happy to help. Visit our Pest Identification Library to determine what type of pest infestation your property is beset with, and then contact one of our experienced customer service representatives for a pest control solution to suit your needs.

Bed Bug
Bed Bug<br>Elimination
We have the expertise needed to detect and eliminate bed bug infestations. Ask about our bed bug care package!
We use environmentally-friendly termite monitors to detect and eliminate termite colonies, giving you the protection you need.
Tick & Mosquito
Tick & Mosquito<br>Abatement
We offer tick and mosquito treatments, such as the Vector Intervention Program, which protects from disease.
Rodent Control
Rodent Control<br>Programs
When your business or home has a rodent problem, we’ll eliminate these pests using environmentally-friendly products.
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