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Rodent Control For Homes & Businesses in Westchester, NY

Did you know that mice and rats are actually not as cute and cuddly as they seem? They are destructive and carry many diseases. When you are looking for safe, effective rodent control services, count on the pest control company that has been serving Westchester for more than 40 years: J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc.

When first identifying a rodent infestation in Westchester, you must find all of the avenues of entry, as well as rodent pathways, in your home or business. Whether you need someone to perform rat control services or other rodent extermination services, you can rely on J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc. to provide a thorough investigation and treatment of your property.

From Occasional Rodent Problems to Recurring Rodent Infestations

Our Westchester rodent control company has experience with all kinds of rodent infestations. Whether you are looking for preventative treatment for your home or to stop mice and rats from infesting your commercial property, J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc. is able to implement pest solutions that will fit your budget and needs.

We always use environmentally-friendly practices and keep our customers comfort in mind with any rodent control job we undergo. If you are still unsure if you need our Westchester rodent control services, visit our Pest Identification Library to learn more about the types of rodents we exterminate.

Along with rodent control, J.P. McHale Management is proud to provide pest control services for stink bugs, bed bugs, ticks and more in homes and businesses across Westchester, NY.

Bed Bug
Bed Bug<br>Elimination
We have the expertise needed to detect and eliminate bed bug infestations. Ask about our bed bug care package!
We use environmentally-friendly termite monitors to detect and eliminate termite colonies, giving you the protection you need.
Tick & Mosquito
Tick & Mosquito<br>Abatement
We offer tick and mosquito treatments, such as the Vector Intervention Program, which protects from disease.
Rodent Control
Rodent Control<br>Programs
When your business or home has a rodent problem, we’ll eliminate these pests using environmentally-friendly products.
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