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K9 Allie: NY, NJ & CT’s Top Bed Bug Detection Dog

Did you know that well-trained and healthy canines can identify and detect bed bug infestations with 90% accuracy? At J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc. we bring along a special friend to help us detect bed bugs in homes: K9 Allie. As a certified bed bug detection dog in NY, NJ and CT, she can quickly […]

Family Suffers Consequences from Improper Bed Bug Treatment in Vermont

Failing to properly get rid of bed bugs can have disastrous results. Case in point, the story of Neil and Patricia Whitney, who ended up contracting a bed bug problem in their home after they brought in a foster child whose clothes and belongings were not treated for bed bugs prior to the foster care […]

Ways Moving & Storage Companies Can Lower the Risk of Picking Up Bed Bugs

Nobody likes dealing with bed bugs, especially moving and storage companies who risk picking up bed bugs along with furniture and personal items every day. These bed bugs can contaminate not only that person’s furniture but other clients’ possessions in the same moving van or in a storage-to-transit warehouse. This could even lead to other […]