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The JP McHale Pest Management Difference…

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• Money-Back Guarantee!

Trixie, our bed bug detecting canine

We’ll keep coming back until your pest issue is completely eliminated. And, we’ll refund your money if you aren’t completely satisfied.

• 365-Day/24-7 Relationship 

Our client relationships are serious and long-term. We check in with you frequently and hope to hear from you as often as needed!

• Scientific Solutions

Developed by a Cornell University scientist that are effective for even the most egregious pest problems.

• Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly strategies and programs for clients with pets and allergies.

• Multiple Licenses for Indoor-Outdoor Solutions

That our competitors don’t have, for more effective treatment of pests like stink bugs, where they originate.

• “Umbrella” Service Packages 

Termite Mitigation System

Termite Mitigation System

That include everything – stink bugs, bed bugs, termites, ticks, mice, spiders, ants, bees, wasps, etc.

• Individualized Needs Analysis

Individualized needs analysis and design solutions for your home or business.

• On-Time Appointments

And a quick response… always!

Stink bug


Bed Bug
Bed Bug<br>Elimination
We have the expertise needed to detect and eliminate bed bug infestations. Ask about our bed bug care package!
We use environmentally-friendly termite monitors to detect and eliminate termite colonies, giving you the protection you need.
Tick & Mosquito
Tick & Mosquito<br>Abatement
We offer tick and mosquito treatments, such as the Vector Intervention Program, which protects from disease.
Rodent Control
Rodent Control<br>Programs
When your business or home has a rodent problem, we’ll eliminate these pests using environmentally-friendly products.
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