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Fireflies: Learn About the Insects that Glow During Summer Nights

As a kid, did you ever sit on a porch and watch fireflies light up the summer night sky and wonder how they were doing this? JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. is here to answer all of your childhood questions about these fascinating insects.

Also known as lightning bugs, fireflies contain an organic compound in their abdomens known as luciferin. First, air rushes into the abdomen and reacts with the luciferin. This chemical reaction gives off the glow that you see in fireflies. Fireflies can even control the pulsating of the glow by regulating the airflow into their abdomens.

Why Do These Bugs Light Up?

Now that we’ve learned how fireflies glow, what is their reasoning for doing so? While some pest control experts believe that fireflies use this glow to warn predators of their bitter taste, it is also known that male fireflies light up as a mating tactic to signal their desire for female fireflies, and females will glow in return.

Some female fireflies aren’t motivated by mating, and some will imitate the patterns of other species of fireflies to attract males. Once these males land next to them, they are eaten alive by the females.

Contact Our Pest Management Professionals to Learn More About these Glowing Insects

If you are interested in learning more about fireflies and how they light up the summer sky, reach out to JP McHale Pest Management, Inc at (800) 479-2284. Our pest management professionals would be happy to answer any questions you may have about these and other fascinating insects.